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Community Avocations

This is where we dedicate ourselves to community building and selfless service. With a diverse range of interests, our avocation is to introduce the concept of "Metta," which signifies loving kindness, to our community. In doing so, we aim to embody the spirit of what "avocation" represents - engaging in activities pursued with passion and dedication, often outside of our primary occupations, to foster a sense of unity within our community.

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Soaring Spirit Adventures

Lali Metta joined the Galactic Child Yoga Teacher Training program with the intention of learning from Stacey Vann, the Co-Founder of GCY, and promoting yoga awareness within the Pensacola community. In January 2023, Lali successfully completed her certification.

Her journey in the program sparked a desire to develop a unique program that combines physical movement, creative learning, and mindfulness, leading to the birth of Soaring Spirit Adventures, an obstacle course program for kids ages 7-12. To learn more about our classes, including descriptions and schedules, click on "More Info" now.

Friends & Mentors

This program is currently in the designing stage, but our intention is to create an environment that promotes Youth Empowerment. Our goal is to provide teenagers and young adults, ages 13-21, opportunities to participate in decision-making processes and guidance in creative areas such as art, music, culinary, writing, mindfulness, conscious communication, mental and physical health to further develop self- belief, courage, abilities, and talents. 

We believe youth empowerment is about recognizing the potential of young people and providing them with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world around them. 

Interested in becoming a Friend or Mentor click the button below to be notified when we launch! 

Building Models
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