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The Design Process

It starts with an idea & a drawing.
Angelic Thoughts Sketch

This drawing is from Lali's sketchbook which was the catalyst for the for the paintings. Lali was inspired by Sanskrit words, their meaning and the way they are drawn. She then thought, "how can I make this my own personal expression?"

The Big Moment Happened!

At a creative gathering with friends, Lali's eyes were drawn to a big collection of washi tape. She picked up a roll of tape with tigers on it, and at that moment her intuition gentle said, "do something with this." She sat and looked at the tape which was sitting next to her sketchbook. She then opens the her book to the very page of symbols! So it began.  

From Tape & Pencil to...

Some the paintings were not pictured before the removal of the tape.. ooops. We live and we learn.

The Sample Board

Color & Material Sample
At this step Lali was debating which Gold paint would pair well with the bright pastel colors and how the Selenite would be attached the paper.

Gold Paint Application

Unfortunately we only captured one painting during this process. We asked Lali, "What was the most difficult part of the entire process?" She replied with, "Keeping everything clean, staying within the sharp straight lines, and praying that the tape would not take the pastel off. There was a lot of unintentional breath holding."
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