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Concept Design Collections

Welcome to our collection of furniture and functional sculpture, meticulously designed to infuse spaces with positive energy. Our pieces are made to order and produced in your local area or as near as possible to minimize environmental impact. We collaborate closely with talented artists and skilled fabricators, overseeing every aspect of the design process and project management to ensure the highest level of execution.

In the realm of Aphrodite, the sensual goddess of love, pink hues adorn the sky as roses bloom, while the strawberry moon casts its gentle glow.

She embodies self-love and encourages authentic expression, guiding souls through love's labyrinth.

With her touch, hearts ignite, awakening introspection and reminding us to cherish ourselves.

In Aphrodite's realm, we find the key to embrace love within and without, to bask in her radiant light and soar in the eternal dance of love.

Purity In Petals Cover. LaliMetta-01-01.jpg

In petals of purity, strength resides, a blossom's grace, where hope abides.
Through hardships faced with steadfast might,
Faith's gentle flame ignites the night.

When shadows cast their darkest hue,
the resilient soul will push on through.
Through every trial, they find their way,
guided by faith, undimmed each day.

So let us learn from petals pure,
Their strength, their grace, with all we face.
In overcoming strife, we find our worth,
And embrace the light that springs from Earth.

Angelic Touch.jpg

With open eyes a subtle elegance of light, Selenite, gold, and softness attracts the deepest admirers.

Through manipulated metal sculpture the essence of wisdom speaks silently only to be interpretated by the depths of one's inner knowing.

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