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Artistry of the Divine

Hello Friends! 

Metta Visionary Design

In early 2022, Metta Visionary Design was created with the intention to exemplify collaboration between imagination, spiritual insight, and artistic professions that go beyond limits to materialize multidisciplinary artworks.
Metta Visionary Design showcases divinely inspired artworks in the areas of graphic design, painting, functional sculpture, furniture designed by founder, Lali Metta, then fabricated by diverse artists and studios.

Collaborative projects don't stop at Fine Art. We continue crossing the threshold, expanding our definition of visionary design. This expansion consists of passion projects which reflect our conscious hope in designing a positive, healthy, and inspired community. We believe through designing our future today, we strengthen our future tomorrow.

Featured Sculpture
Honest Reflection

Functional Sculpture

14" W x 14"H x 6"D  Each


Furniture Grade Gold Metallic Paint

Selenite Crystal



Lali Metta

Is a multidisciplinary fine artist and youth leader with an imagination to create artworks fusing ancient wisdom with modern technique. Gaining inspiration from spiritual insight, Lali Metta has been described as unconventional and the “art of transcendence”. 

Lali Metta Photo_Cosmic Lali.jpg

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